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ZIng SE Regionals
"We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves."

-Lynn Hall

Zing was brilliant at the SE Regionals.  He picked up both his GP and Steeplechase bye with two podium finishes.  I was mostly thrilled that I didn't have to drive to another regional.  As much as I enjoy traveling, I really just like being home.

"The boy's a timebomb...."

Zing was equally good at nationals, and finished third in finals.  This was his ninth trip to final- a perfect streak.  (I probably just jinxed it!)  Again, I really couldn't have been happier with my red kid.  He always tries so hard for me.

We just got back from our last summer trial in Arcadia.  Currently, this is the only indoor trial site in FL.  It's COLD.  But really nice.

I've been really busy this year.  I was determined to make this my year of change.  I'm working on becoming more organized, planning my future, and the more physically obvious change of getting in better shape.  I was horribly out of shape at the New Year trial thanks to gaining more weight over the holidays.  My mom finally told me that I needed to do something about it and I was shocked when I got on the scale.  Originally, I was just hoping to drop 30 pounds before AKC Nationals (which I did).  Today, I'm down 86 pounds since mid-January (a 15 pound drop since Regionals).  I'd still like to take off 20 before Cynosport to get in the better shape for Zing.  He's tired of me always being late!  The dogs are also working on their conditioning and are eating a raw/home cooked diet.  We're becoming health freaks. ;)

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
-Maria Robinson

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Mad Dog Metalworks Crate Tag Review

I was waiting until Devi offered the crate tags in her store to share this awesomeness:

Mad Dog Metalworks Crate Tag

(Yes, it needs to be a ginormous picture.  Because it is THAT AMAZING!)


Almost all of my dogs have custom Mad Dog Metalworks tags, so I really excited when Devi asked me if I wanted to review her new crate tag.  (Zing actually owns two rockstar tags.  I keep one on his show harness that he wears when we're traveling so he has added protection if he ever gets lost.)  All MDM items are completely customizable and Devi does an amazing job with their design.  I've always been completely wowed and extremely happy with my purchases.  In addition to being creative and unique, they have added benefit of being tough.  Zing's first tag is still in perfect condition after a year of rough abuse.  I'm confident that his new crate tag will hold up to for all of our future adventures.
Mad Dog Metalworks
(Emergency phone numbers can be added to the back.  Hopefully we'll never need this feature, but it's really nice to have on long trips!)

You can check out the crate tags here in Devi's store and see more examples of her work on Mad Dog Metalworks's Facebook page. (clicky-clicky!)
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"You electrify my life..." (and cell phone videos aren't the best quality)

I'm pretty sure that Zing's qualified for nats. I just need to count my points. :) Fy's in Excellent and Glee's in Open. One of Fy's runs is at the end.

Sadly, my video camera walked off at an agility trial. I kept hoping that someone would watch the videos on it and realize it was mine. It's been two months- ugh! I finally took the time to figure out how to take the videos off my phone and import them into imovie. I really liked my old camera; I should probably start shopping for a camera that's similar to it.
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Seven Months!

The puppies are seven months old.... and usually one still gets me up in the middle of the night to go outside. ;)  I can't wait until they're adults.  I don't have any regrets and am crazy about them.  (Even when Dru is totally being a girl dog.)  Both puppies seem to have really nice drive/focus.  They're a bit small, Dru's barely bigger than Quiz and Nightmare might have .25-.5" on Dru.

Getting a family picture is impossible!

Ummm... Dru, can you please sit with the family?  All the dogs were outside and kept trying to pose (you can see the good red dogs sitting in all the pics)!
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Exploring FL's Trails

I was in a blah sort of mood a couple weeks ago, which is very unlike me.  I'm lucky enough to have an absolutely awesome life (imo- which, in this case, is the only one that matters).  My self-prescribed cure was to take the dogs hiking everyday.  I've always considered FL a flat, hot, boring state filled with biting/stinging bugs and slow drivers.  I'm not sure if it's just due to my low expectations, but I've been majorly impressed with the state parks and "hiking" trails.  Zing and I have hit a new one everyday and have tried to fit in 5-7 miles a trip.

After I got lost, heard a someone screaming like they were getting murdered, saw a wild boar running around the paths (thought about King Robert in Game of Thrones), and got spooked by a couple alligators (all on different hikes)... I decided to take my cell phone and actually tell a friend where I was going.  I should have brought a real camera.  Instagram pictures a better than nothing.

Facebook has been replaced with this website and the dogs and I are having an incredible February.  In addition to hiking, all the dogs swim at least 30 minutes a day and walk around the property with me for an hour.  Zing should be in perfect shape for nationals, we just need to get back to that training thing...
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The highlight of last weekend was running Glee at the fun match.  Her contacts were decent, her weaves were really nice, and she would have qualified in T2B.  She had a couple bars in STD and she's never seen a chute because I don't own one.  I might need to make one for her.

Hitman didn't qualify, but he had some nice parts in his runs.  Zing had an interesting weekend- a table fault, a weave fault, and he cut across my path in a run.  Super, super naughty on such simple courses. ;) I had him worked on Sunday afternoon by a vet just to make sure it wasn't a physical issue.

The puppies are doing well in their classes (Novice on Tuesday morning and Puppy class on Thursday night).  Nightmare is so perfect, focused, and easy.  Dru loved the puppy instructor and wanted to play with him during the recall portion.  Ummm Dru... I'm over here.  Running away.  Calling your name.  With a toy and food.  She loves everybody, especially kids.  It's hard to tell, but I think she might be a tad bit softer, which would be a good thing.  I prefer a softer dog as long as they are confident and driven.  Hard dogs can be quite the challenge.

There are new puppy pictures here thanks to Sarah:
Nightmare and Dru/Who
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Training Week

Hitman got an Excellent Jumpers Q a couple weeks ago.  It's probably time that I actually started contact training haha.  Contacts are a great winter project.  I told myself that last year, too.

Gleeky kind of has contacts, which is definitely a miracle.  They still need lots of work.  She didn't want anything to do with the teeter or dog-walk for a year.  I've never had to work so hard with a dog; I honestly didn't think she would ever get on the teeter.  She's sweet and definitely worth it.  With more training she should be a super fun girlie.  I'm considering driving to Palmetto for an AKC match on Friday just for Glee.  I just wish it wasn't a two hour round trip, and the match will probably take forever.  Decisions...

Nightmare is my favorite puppy to work with.  I'm really happy with his training at the moment.  Dru is such a girl dog.  I've decided that male puppies are much better for me.  I signed up for a Thursday night puppy class.  I immediately wanted to take Nightmare, which made me realize that Dru is the puppy who needs it.  Nightmare and Dru have a Novice obedience class on Tuesday mornings.  Poor Dru needs some remedial work.  Stay?  Come?  Girls.  Puppy class will be good for her.
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I'm back and ready to go!

Since Zing tied for third place in Steeplechase Semi-Finals, I got to watch almost all of the 22" class.  The finals course was obviously a straightforward speed course, with just two places that really required a tighter turn.  I'm not sure to blame it on a NyQuil overdose or the ultimate high: the entire run was a blur and I can't really remember it.  I was stepping to the line... and then everyone was trying to hug me.  (I hope I didn't offend anyone when I told then that they really didn't want to give me hug.  I didn't want to share my super gross cold.)

The entire night was an amazing, surreal experience.  Unlike AKC, no one was there to tell me where to go/what to do.  If you watch the entire video, you can kind of see me make a funny hand movement.  Karen, Zing's breeder, was telling me that I was supposed to run around the ring.  I'm a huge Joan Jett fan, and Sarah asked them if they had any songs by her.  It made the run 100% more special. I forgot that they interviewed you in USDAA.  That was the most embarrassing/awkward moments... ummm, can I just go play with my dog now? Please? ;) (Not that I actually said that!) 

Go big or go home.  Because it's true.  What do you have to lose? Eliza Dushku

Zing almost had a perfect weekend.  Our only slip was a bar in Grand Prix finals.  I'm so pleased with my red boy!  We've grown together and this has definitely been our best competition year.  Two national wins in six months- I really can't complain!
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USDAA Nationals

Driving to Denver from FL is not the best idea with puppies.  They were really good until the last day; they were tired of being in a crate!

I spent Tuesday having crazy adventures in Estes Park with some cool dog people before check-in.  Wednesday's warm up run was last years Grand Prix finals course.  Zing knocked a bar, which made me a little nervous.  I think he was just figuring out the turf.  Zing's Grand Prix Quarter Finals run felt like an insane save after save run.  Zing was clean for 7th place.

My week is already made.  Zing made Steeplechase finals (and tied for 3rd)!!  Running under the lights is absolutely the most fun that I will ever have on course!

Last night I was feeling a little sniffly.  I woke up with a cold this morning. I am so glad that I don't have to compete today and can just lounge around in the room and watch Dr. Who with my best red boy.  Really, really hoping to feel a bit better tomorrow.  I seriously can't breathe right now!
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I got LIGHTS for my agility field!  I've been wanting lights for almost two years and tonight I could finally work my dogs at night!  I needed them because it's getting darker sooner.  I basically couldn't teach night classes without them.

Getting them was so stressful; the guys finished 20 minutes before class started tonight!  The workers have been horribly lazy.  They never showed up before 11 and left before 5 with an hour lunch break.  The only worked 5 hours and I had to pay them for a full day.  The lights were supposed to be up by Tuesday night.  I had to cancel class Tuesday and Wednesday because the workers dragged it out to get paid more days.  After I confirmed that we were having class tonight, the guys left for a three hour lunch break!  I can't change that, so all I care about it my awesome lit field (bit biased, here!).

Who and Nightmare are working for all their kibble so that they find food valuable.  I'm very impressed with their focus.  Nightmare can get all four feet in a food dish (video tomorrow).  Who's my favorite even if she's not quite as focused as Nightmare.  I kind of adore her and am so glad that I kept the tri girlie!  I even think she's cute.

Nightmare's ears are totally prick (picture here).  Dru's are... not (picture).  They might need some help.